How Often Should My Oriental Rugs be Professionally Cleaned?

As you know, an oriental rug is most popularly built with heavy textiles such as cotton, wool, or silk. It is normally used for symbolic purposes. Today, it has become one integral part of any home design. You can add beauty, character, and color to your space by adding an oriental rug. These rugs are available in various designs and colors.

Therefore, you can choose one that perfect for any room. However, it’s also essential to take care of your oriental rug properly. You need to frequently clean them to increase their life and usability. Check out this article to answer the question “How often do you need to clean your oriental rug?” Also, we will let you know how to maintain an oriental rug effectively.

Oriental Rug Cleaning Ideas

This cleaning task is related to brushing as well as vacuuming your rug. You should have a vacuum cleaner to remove dirt on the carpet. This device allows you to clean your rug without moving it around to clean.

Moreover, this way also helps to save your time and effort. However, you have to choose one that is not pressed too hard over your rug’s fiber. Otherwise, it may damage your oriental rug.

Your oriental rugs are constructed with natural fibers. Therefore, it’s essential to use a soft-bristled brush to clean the fibers. You can clean the smaller oriental rugs at home. All you need is the aid of gentle detergent.

You shouldn’t use bleaching agents as well as different harsh chemicals to clean your oriental rugs. Before choosing a cleaning detergent, don’t forget to learn about further information on the way to clean an oriental rug with a cleaning detergent.

The fact is that your oriental rug may attract a lot of dirt, dust, and grime in a short time. Therefore, it’s essential to care for it properly. Otherwise, it can lead to health conditions.

How Often To Clean Your Oriental Rug

It’s a good idea to have your oriental rug a deep cleaning at least once a year. However, it’s better to do this once every six months if you keep your oriental rug in areas of high foot traffic.

If you want to check if you need to do cleaning, you can place your hand on its fibers and rub it for between 10 and 30 seconds. Once you notice there is a lot of dust in your rug, it’s time to clean it.

Professional Oriental Rug Cleaning

If you have an expensive oriental rug, you need to give it a professional rug cleaning to maintain its durability and beauty. Once again, avoid using harsh chemicals because they may damage the natural fibers of your rug.

Professional rug cleaning is essential for maintaining your rug’s original appearance, luster, overall look, and colors. We recommend you to go to the expert rug cleaners who will let you know exactly how to clean these rugs.

How to Maintain your Oriental Rugs

Rotate regularly

According to experts, you just should rotate the rug every 1-2 years. However, it’s best to do this every one or two months if you place your rugs in areas of high traffic. This is to keep your rug in a great look. Also, this can help to maintain its value.

Block sunlight

Well, your oriental rugs may become faded because of the sunlight over time. To handle this problem, you need to prevent the rug from the sunlight frequently. Another way you can do is to rotate it as often as possible. This aims to get a more uniform fading.

Flip your rug

Most of these rugs come with fringes. These fringes may become tangled with ease. Therefore, it’s essential to prevent combing the fringe to deal with these tangles because it can lead to damage to your rug’s natural fibers. We recommend you to flip it end over end.


If you worry about the natural fibers being packed down due to excess traffic, you should vacuum it regularly. It’s a good idea to turn off your beater bar while vacuuming the rug to avoid tears in your rug’s delicate fibers.

Change the pathway

Reorganize your furniture to get new pathways every six months to avoid overly wearing down one region in your rug. This way can also help to increase its lifespan.

Wipe down

You can also use a cloth or sponge to wipe your rug down. Remember to use one dampened with cold water. This way can help you eliminate any surface dust and get a freshly cleaned look.

Professional washing

As an expert’s advice, you should wash your Oriental rug every 3 to 5 years. This purposes to avoid dirt as well as soil buildup. A professional rug cleaning allows you to increase your rug’s lifespan.

Air it out

If you let moisture buildup on the rug, it can lead to the mold as well as mildew growth. You should hang it out to dry outside. Just do it for some hours each 6 months once, you can prevent buildup and decrease the odor.


Well, there is no one good answer to the question about how often we should have our rug professionally cleaned. However, we should have an Oriental rug professionally cleaned once a year as a general recommendation. This purposes to handle dirt embedded deep in our rugs.

If you let dirt particles leave deep in the pile for a long time, it can wear the fibers down. As a result, the life span of the rug is shortened. And, it’s important to consider a regular professional cleaning schedule. Hopefully, our tips above are useful for you.

Follow them and you can keep your rug stay looking great for a long time.