Advanced Platinum LED Grow Light Reviews

Advanced Platinum LED grow lights have been known as a famous product but cost less than other top lights. They are considered as one of the best value LED plant lights on the market today. They are available in six lights, including the Advanced Platinum PP1200, P900, P600, P450, P300, and P150. To get more reviews of this product, keep reading this article.

Actual Wattage and HID Equivalent

These lights have the averages actual wattage figures. They are designed with separate veg and bloom modes, so they have different actual power draw. It’s based on the mode. In terms of wattage for money spent, we can find the same number as some of the most expensive LED fixtures on the market from this product. There are not many lights that can offer this kind of power at a relatively low price.

Platinum LED Grow Light Spectrum

Platinum LED is designed with a combination of differently colored LEDs. They include 12 different color wavelengths. They ensure to deliver a full-spectrum light. Therefore, you can use them for all stages of plant growth. They can give your plants all the colors of the lights they need.

Compared to HPS bulbs, LED grow lights are more efficient than HPS since they produce a bunch of lights your plants can use while HPS bulbs produce a lot of light in the green and yellow ranges they can’t use.

Coming to the Advanced Platinum Series lights, you can also get more output in the red and blue ranges. These lights are equipped with separate veg and bloom modes. They are available in slightly different spectra. This LED light uses even less power, so you can save.

PAR and Coverage Area

You can receive single PAR numbers for each light from the Platinum LED grow light although they don’t offer PAR charts. They are at various distances from the top of the canopy. Additionally, you will also get the highest PAR output per watt.

When choosing this unit, you will get a pretty good light distribution throughout the coverage area. This is nearly the same as the top brands. Therefore, this grows light is extremely quality lights although there are some misleading values.

Of course, many customers hope they can get some PAR footprint charts from the Platinum soon. Some customers complain about their poor canopy penetration. This may be the biggest worry in switching to LED.

This should not be a problem. Platinum LED lights to feature a powerful light as efficient as the top LED brands and an HPS bulb as well in terms of penetration.

LED Type and Configuration

There are only top-bin LEDs from quality US manufacturers found in the Platinum LED. They offer maximum output and reliability. However, they consume less power. Also, each diode can guard against unwanted line surges because of fully Zener protection.

These lights are designed to last up to 100,000 hours of use. Therefore, you can use them for 8-10 years without a bulb change. Each diode is equipped with a 90-degree lens. So, you won’t have to pay for goes off in a different direction.

While using only 3-watt chips, these lights feature the best compromise between heat and intensity. Although 5-watt chips are more powerful, they also produce more heat. For the very little heat given off, we have 1-watt diodes. However, they aren’t able to achieve sufficient penetration to flower plants.


These grow lights are simple to run. You just have to hag and plug them. Then, turn them on. They include two power switches for veg and bloom. It’s simple to flip the veg switch for vegging. And, both switches are for blooming.

What’s included in this LED grow light

If you purchase an Advanced Platinum Series LED grow light, you will receive easy-to-use hangers along with a power cord.

All P Series lights are accompanied by a complete US-based 5-year warranty and a 90-day satisfaction guarantee. It means that you can return the product in case you are not satisfied with your light for any reason.

Pros and Cons


  • High intensity of light
  • Affordable price
  • Low power usage
  • Ideal spectrum for not only vegging but also flowering
  • Separate switches for veg and flower
  • Wonderful warranty


  • Smaller coverage area compared to top competitors


Like being said that, this product priced well below competitors. Price may be considered as the greatest advantage of these fixtures.


If you are shopping for an affordable LED grow light, you should try the Advanced Platinum LED Grow Light. It features a 12-band spectrum perfectly that is ideal for all stages of growth. Moreover, it has low power usage and low heat output.

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